The next 6 months…


Family; home; chatting with friends on the phone for over an hour; sleeping in your bed with that cuddly feather blanket; mother’s ‚Spätzle mit Soße‘ and potato salad; dad’s Spaghetti; wearing jeans; wearing cotton at all; Laptop; your own restroom; pillow; bunny Joey; comfy sofa; TV; driving your own car; putting on make-up in the morning; temperature control; daily fruit and vegetables; going to the refrigerator; mailbox; ‚Apfelsaftschorle‘; watering the plants; dishwasher; cleaning the apartment; summer vacation on the beach with my family in Italy; my aunt’s italian cuisine; walking barefoot all day long; toothbrush cup; bicycling; purse; wardrobe; alarm clock; working from 9 to 6; strict schedules


new Trail friends; nature (abundant!); blisters; ibuprofen; 1 spoon, 1 cup, 1 pot; dirty clothes; interesting conversations with strangers; time for thinking; sleeping bag; rising with the sun; sleeping by 9 in the evening; trail-legs; birds; mountains; fresh river water; junk food; weight loss; Nutella and peanut butter all you can eat every day; wearing our stinky, grimy clothes 5 days in a row; millions of chances for extraordinary photos


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